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You may know that steel has been used in North American construction for more than 150 years. What you might not know is that it is being used more and more on residential projects in addition to bridges and skyscrapers.

Today’s lightweight steel framing options are manufactured from coated sheet steel that provides a strong, accurate, dimensionally stable, and durable truss system ideal for home construction. This, plus construction advantages and various recycling capabilities, makes lightweight steel structures a better choice for residential construction projects.

More home builders than ever are choosing lightweight steel structures. Volatile wood prices, declining wood quality, and continued advances in tooling and engineering have only added to the growing interest in lightweight framing with steel.

In recent years, are qualified builders have switched to framing the entire residence with a lightweight steel frame. We have noticed that homeowners and basement finishing contractors also take advantage of non-structural interior framing options because of their superior frame quality, easy usability, and terrific value.

The range of steel shapes, strengths and sizes available on the market has expanded beyond that of standard lumber. Such versatility offers homeowners the advantage of savings in time and material cost while also providing a high-quality product.

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Why steel is better for lumber when framing your house

Steel has many advantages over traditional lumber and wood when it comes to building any type of structure these days. From our perspective, the material is much easier to use. It also is a far superior option for you the homeowner, and our environment in general. Let’s take a look.

Benefits for the homeowner

The strength of steel along with its non-combustible qualities help a steel framed building withstand fires, earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes. With steel, houses can be designed and built to meet the highest seismic and wind load specifications in the USA.  Steel framed homes can be built in any climate.

Thanks to its strength, steel can span longer distances, making for larger open spaces and greater design flexibility without the need for intermediate columns or load bearing walls. We have also constructed large steel decks outside homes.

Steel frames never have to be treated for termites. It does not contain resin adhesives and other chemicals used to treat wood building products.

Steel framed walls are built straight and stay that way. They never endure shrinkage that causes popped out nails and squeaking floors.

Benefits for the environment

Steel products are 100% recyclable. In North America, the rate of recycling steel products in 66 percent, the highest of any material. What’s more. steel products can repeatedly be recycled without degradation or loss of properties. Finally, the steel industry is the largest recycler in the United States and North America.

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